Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yatta!!! Hi everybody, my name's Fede and I'm from Italy!
I'm very curious about worldwide swap with people from everywhere!!
I speak French very well and I speak also German and English!!

I'm interested in::::
-Bento and Bento's accesories
-Everything about Death Note, Nana, Saiyuki
-Make up
-All about Gothic lolita style
-food&snacks/magazine/pictures/objects typical of your country
-Japanese and Chinese Gadget
- Everything about Hello kitty, Pucca and her friends!!
- Manga
-Books (in your language!!)
-Monokuro boo
-Food of your country and everything about your country
-whatever you like to send me...I'm sure that it will be beautiful!! A surprise is always fantastic I think!!

-Italian food and snack (pasta, cioccolata, biscotti)
-postcard from my city
-Manga in Italian
-Phone strap
-Disco and pub flyers
-T shirts
-Gothic, dark Clothes and Stuff (I work in a dark, gothic, metal store!!)
- all you like from Italy!! Ask me for whatever you'd like to have
-DVDs in italian

Kisses From Italy!!!


sima said...

Hi Faith,
We've got you listed on Gimme Your Stuff, but your email is bouncing. Could you please email us with the correct account?
Cheers! mail (at)

Nini said...

Hello! I had your message well on my blog. It's with pleasure that I would make a swap with you! Here my address mall to discuss it:

Tu parles un peu fran├žais ? ^^

christina* said...

Hi there!

would you like to swap with me? I'm from Singapore.

Hope to hear from you!

life-muses said...


are you interested to swap with someone from malaysia? you can check my blog at

hope to hear from you!

kariin said...

Greetings from the Philippines! :] I am Karen whilst some people prefer to call me Kariin. I live in the city so i can probably get anything you want from the sunny Philippines. I love to write poetry. I also love arts and i am a great sketch so i can probably send you some of my artworks too. I am very interested in swapping with you. Please have the time to stumble upon my swap list, and i hope you find anything that would interest you.

I hope to hear from you soon. I'm not really into limitations so if you want anything, just ask. And please insert your website URL when you reply. My email is Thank you very much.